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My Health Transformation

Independent OPTAVIA coach

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SO, here's my report, guys.

Yesterday. March 14, 2023 - 11:15 AM.

The day finally arrived. My annual checkup at the heart doctor's office. This time, seeing 36 pounds lower on the scale, going over my awesome blood test results, discussing the healthy lifestyle-healthy eating program that gave me this new body, then, discovering that my NP USED this program and raved about it! How cool is that!!

She praised me and said I look great!

(Of course, I wore my new skinny clothes! Wouldn't you?)

HUGE WINS for me and a dream come true after decades of feeling hopeless and destined to obesity. We talked for a long time about the how well the program works and why it works.

I learned SO MUCH from her and walked out of there on Cloud Nine!

I could feel my heart thanking my brain for FINALLY caring enough to say yes to a program that WORKS, for making the changes, at age 72, it so desperately needed for so, so many years.

Is it any wonder that I love coaching this program and assisting others to create health like this???

Cindy Wittenberg, featured story on "Healthy Huddle" Zoom Call on February 20, 2023

Cindy tells her story of transformation through health and wellness on the Habits of Health Transformational System. Cindy would love to coach you, to guide you through your own transformation and wellness journey. (Coaching is free!)

Click on the FREE Health Evaluation to receive all of the details of the program. And, feel free to share this with a friend who may be looking for better health and wellness. Look what it's done for her, at age 72!! It's never too late!

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March 14, 2023: My next annual heart doctor appointment. I am looking forward to it like Christmas Day!
For decades she has given me the "lose the weight" lecture, gone over the healthy food choices lists, asks me about my snacks, exercise, and sleep. I leave feeling depressed knowing nothing changes even when I try. And Lord knows I have tried.
BUT THIS YEAR!!  YAY!       
Drum roll at the scale! (Go ahead. Click on it :)
She will see a NEW ME! She will cheer. She will ask me how this happened!!
She will be proud of me. And so will I !!!​

THANK GOD I FINALLY found what works to make me healthy again. I feel like I did 40 years ago when i was 32!!

I am so proud too, to coach this program, guiding others to find what I found. SO rewarding!


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new Before and After Jan 6, 2023 vs 3 disclaimer.png


September 18, 2021. The day I learned that my mirror lies to me. Six of us lined up for a photo at my husband’s 75th birthday party. I always avoided being photographed. But this day I could not escape to the back of the pack. I had worn my favorite dark green Amazon blouse, the one that made me “look slim.” I threw my shoulders back, stood in the front with my husband and put on a HUGE smile. You know… that stance that says… “Smile! Display an air of confidence! That’s what people will notice!”

Uhhhhh…..Nooooo. Photos don’t care what you’re trying to project. They. Tell. The. TRUTH.

I STARED AT THAT PHOTO for a loooong time.

Who was that!?!?! That couldn’t be ME!!

The shock through my whole being was one of horror. My friends and my husband were almost half my size! But wait!!!… My mirror told me every day, “You look fine! With the right clothes, your hair styled, and make-up, you look great!” How can this be??

Then came the wedding invitation and the one- year countdown started. I can do this!!! Walk it off! NOOM it off! Count the calories. It’s just math, right?

SIX MONTHS LATER, another hard truth. Down only 8 pounds!! NOW what do I do?

Trying so many times, failing so many times.

Extremely discouraged. Panic sets in.

A DAY IN JUNE, standing in my kitchen, I yelled out to God:

"God, I know you have wars, plagues, unspeakable evil, and hunger to deal with. Let me say that I am grateful for every blessing in my life and for life itself. However….I need to ask you for ONE trivial, selfish, miracle for me. As you know, I am 72 years old and my days are dwindling. Is there ANY way you could PLEASE show me how to lose this shameful, extra burdensome weight before I die?

Please. Please. Please."

THAT SAME WEEK, Shirley Mast shows up on my Facebook page. SHE knows something I don’t know and I will do ANYTHING to get it. Message to Shirley. “Hey! Can you tell me how you lost 200 pounds and kept if off for 12 years?”

JULY 30: Me, five days into the program. Shirley (now my coach) says, “SO, What’s your weight today?”

I say, “I’ll tell you tomorrow. My scale is broken. I’ve ordered a new one on Amazon.”

She says, “Why? what did it say?” I say, “It says I lost 5 pounds.” She laughs. HAHAHA. Your scale is fine!! You DID LOSE 5 pounds!!

What then entered into my spirit was Pure. Profound. Joy!!

This is what HOPE feels like! God heard me!

All things matter to HIM. This is a gift to me from GOD!!

FIVE MONTHS LATER, I have now lost 35 pounds. 

Best part, this plan is SO simple!

AS A CONCERT PIANIST, I have noticed several incredible changes: my technique is more fluid and strong, arthritis in my wrists and fingers is almost non-existent, posture and balance are like they were in my 20’s and confidence is off the charts. Aside from the piano, I can walk down the steps without holding onto a railing. Noticeably missing are thigh rash, underarm chafing, bloated belly at bedtime, aching feet and knees, exhaustion, and trouble getting in and out of a car.

THIS IS MY SECOND CHANCE in the second half of my short life. I intend to go out with a bang and not a whimper. I. am. giddy. And SO grateful to God and my guardian angels to have finally found a way to solve my weight problem for as long as I am mentally capable.

I DECIDED TO COACH THIS program, to guide others who are looking for answers to their weight and health related issues. Why wouldn’t I want to help as many women, men and children as possible, to pass along this awesome gift, this SIMPLE tool for a healthy life?

Before and After Dec 21, 2022 vs2.png
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